Interac Timeline

Since high school, it has been a dream of mine to teach English in Japan. After taking a trip to the motherland, I have finally mustered the courage to apply. I will be beginning my journey as an Interac ALT this coming Spring 2018.

The following is a timeline template I have copied from my friend who is currently an Interac ALT. Please check out her very descriptive and detailed blog at In-Wanderland!

2/10/17: Submitted online application
2/13/17: Received a call to schedule a phone interview
2/21/17: Phone interview
3/21/17: Skype interview pre-requisite items sent to Interac America
3/27/17: Skype interview
4/11/17: Application file/documents sent to Global Resource Management in Tokyo
4/23/17: Acceptance email! ๐Ÿ™‚


Youโ€™re Hired!
4/25/17: Confirmed my acceptance via email
10/1/17: Expecting an offer of employment email around this date
10/9/17: Received official offer of employment email!
10/11/17: Confirmed my acceptance and submitted CoE Application with updated resume
11/8/17: Received call and email with confirmed placement branch – Kanto & North Central (Tokyo Branch)
11/9/17: Confirmed placement via email
11/13/17: Received and submitted signed company specific offer of employment
12/19/17: Received and submitted revised offer of employment (Office headquarters address was changed)
1/16/18: Received an email for arrival date and other training date information
1/17/18: Received an email that CoE was sent (expected to 2-4 weeks)
1/26/18: CoE has arrived at Interac’s office – to be mailed to me
February 2018: Expecting assignment location information and possible housing options



2018 – New Year, New Me

Hey future readers;

I am finally going to start blogging again! It’s been a long time coming, but what better way to start new than now. Please bear with me though, I will slowly be migrating some posts from my Blogspot to this WordPress.

This year is going to be big! I am going to be living a new life in Japan. I am very excited, but nervous. Hopefully this blog will help me document my new lifestyle.

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚